Monday, February 18, 2008

Yarn Reviews to Resume

Now that the shop is up and running, yarn reviews will resume next week. We're working out bugs in the shop code right now, and we both desperately need sleep. Please check back a week from Tuesday to see what new yarns I have up for you to enjoy.

Thank you!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Program Note

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know that there won't be any yarn reviews until next week due to the shop's Grand Opening this Thursday. For more information on it, please see my other blog (button at the top left). Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Yarn Name: Pigeon Roof Studios Kalypso
Yarn Color: Nightshade
Type: Indie
Content: 100% Superwash Merino
Put-Up: 185 yards each
Weight: 32-34 grams each
Gauge: 8-9 sts/in
Needle Size: 1-2
Purchase At:

What a gorgeous yarn! I waited for quite a while until this colorway became available in this particular yarn type; the seller was extremely diligent in contacting me as soon as it was ready. I thought at first that it was a thinner, hard twist yarn, but I was wrong. One of the ends is loose, revealing a delightfully loose-medium twist yarn that is soft as a cloud. The colors compliment each other and flow in and out, forming secondary and tertiary colors at the breaks. The grade of merino is very high; this yarn feels like it has silk or cashmere in it. Because the individual skeins are small, I purchased three in order to make a pair of socks for size 10 feet. Check your pattern carefully for yardage requirements as the put-ups on the yarn types I've seen are small. This yarn should have good wearability. The seller carries a variety of colorways and weights; there should be something here to please everybody.


Yarn Name: Curious Creek Fibers Wasonga
Yarn Color: Early Sunset
Type: Indie/Commercial
Content: 100% Superwash Merino
Put-Up: 493 yds
Weight: 100 grams
Gauge: 7-8 sts/in
Needle Size: 1
Purchase At:

I have cashmere made by this company, so when I was at a brick and mortar last week and saw their display, I began to drool. After fondling a lot of fibers (including an absolutely delicious alpaca), I decided on the merino. A loose-twist yarn, it has remarkable softness; however, it also has very good wearability. This yarn is labeled indie/commercial because it is commercially spun but hand-painted. The painting is superb; the colors dance and breathe with no hard breaks; there are also different colors throughout the skein, not just at the breaks. One skein will be more than enough to make a pair of socks. It is also naturally treated to deter moths, which is always a good thing; whatever the yarn was treated with doesn't detract from it's wonderful hand. I normally wouldn't have purchased a colorway like this, but there was just something about it that drew me back to it time and time again. This company puts out several different types of yarn (including the aforementioned 100% cashmere) in a myriad of colorways. You may purchase it at your LYS or online from various sellers. Be warned; this skein was $38, so it's not cheap, even for the put-up. However, it's of extremely high quality. I'd rather pay more for quality and have it be a joy to knit with than purchase a "bargain" and have it split and pill. If you're on a budget, though, you might want to pass on this company; none of their yarns are inexpensive.


Yarn Name: Rio de la Plata
Yarn Color: SP10
Type: Indie/Commercial
Content: 100% Superwash Merino
Put-Up: 437 yds
Weight: 3.5 oz
Gauge: 7-8 sts/in
Needle Size: 1-2
Purchase At:

This company is from Uruguay and is imported by their USA division. I bought this yarn because I understood that the proceeds benefit a women's cooperative. The company makes a variety of yarn types, including a more "normal" yarn (which can be viewed on my regular blog). I love this yarn for many reasons: it's a very soft 3-ply, with each ply being a combination of different colors - they all combine to make a very unusual and beautiful yarn; it knits up like a dream; and I've found the yarns from Uruguay to be exceptionally hard-wearing and of high quality. The colors listed on the label are red orange, sparkling grape, sky blue, lime green, vibrant orange, and ethereal blue - a combination that sounds like it wouldn't go together at all. All the yarns of this particular type are dyed and plied in this manner, with colors that you would never put together, but which kiss each other in a gorgeous riot of color. Put-up is good; you should have enough yarn in one skein for a pair of socks. The other type of yarn I have from this company has the same put-up, but is dyed in a more conventional manner. I own a few of this type in various colorways, and they're all glorious. The price is also very reasonable. This yarn may be purchased from several brick and mortars or from online retailers.

Friday, January 25, 2008

I am SO Sorry

My dear friends,

I had meant to update this blog a few days ago, but I got wound up working on the business. Tonight, I was going to take the pictures I need, but my camera needs a new card or something. We're taking care of the problem tomorrow, so you'll have an update by tonight.

Thank you for hanging in there - please come visit later.

Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yarn Name: Bizyhands
Yarn Color: Easter Grass
Type: Indie/Handspun
Content: Merino Blend
Put-Up: 568 yards
Weight: 4.3 ounces
Gauge: 8-9 sts/in
Needle Size: 1-2
Purchase At:

This is another of those exquisite handspun yarns that is so rare and difficult to find. Finding handspun isn't the problem; it's finding handspun with enough yardage to make a pair of socks from. This is such a skein.

A two-ply yarn with each ply dyed differently, the strands twist around each other forming new and delightful color combinations. Soft as a cloud with a loose ply and perfectly balanced, this yarn flows through your fingers and knits up into gorgeous fabric. The spinner is highly skilled at her art; there are no thick and thin areas to contend with. Her prices are also very reasonable given all the time and work that went into making this yarn. I have since purchased another colorway from her and am as delighted with that one as I am with this one. Wearability should be good, and you will be able to get a pair of socks of any pattern from one skein due to the very generous yardage. Those with smaller feet should be able to knit a matching hat or some other small accessory.


Yarn Name: Kangaroo Dyer
Yarn Color: Black Raspberry
Type: Indie
Content: 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon
Put-Up: 450 yards
Weight: 126 grams
Gauge: 8-10 sts/in
Needle Size: 1-2
Purchase At:

This is a brand-new dyer on Etsy; I was delighted to be able to leave her first feedback. A gorgeous yarn with a hard twist, this hand-painted skein forms secondary colors where the changes occur, blending and flowing into each other as effortlessly as a cloud traveling across the sky. Bits of color pop up here and there and provide pleasing surprises along the way. I was surprised at how soft and silky this yarn is because of the twist, but you won't find me complaining! Wearability will be excellent due to the hard twist. You will be able to get a pair of socks from one skein due to the generous put-up. I would like to see a lot more of this dyer's work; patronize her shop and give her some exposure. You won't be sorry.


Yarn Name: Sunshine Yarns
Yarn Color: Into The Mystic
Type: Indie
Content: 100% Superwash Merino
Put-Up: 450 yards
Weight: 98 grams
Gauge: 7-9 sts/in
Needle Size: 0-2
Purchase At:

I have a few other skeins of this dyer's yarn, so when I spotted this skein on sale, I snapped it up. It turns out that this skein was part of the 2007 Harry Potter Sock Club. Nonetheless, it's a gorgeous, very soft yarn with lovely colors. The breaks between colors are a little abrupt, which I found surprising. It gets its softness from the loose medium twist and fiber content; because of this, wearability will be decent, but not terrific. This could have been enhanced if there were some nylon added for strength. The put-up is generous; you will be able to get a pair of socks out of one skein. Despite the color breaks and somewhat diminished wearability, I'm glad I bought this skein. It will knit up into beautiful socks. I have never been disappointed with any of Sunshine's yarns and will buy more in the future.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Reviews Have Been Delayed

Due to the storms we've been having, working on the new business, and being out of town Sunday and Monday, I've been forced to wait to take pictures for the review until Tuesday. I apologize for the delay and will have a lot of new yarns for you to enjoy.

Until Tuesday...

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful new year - may it bring you all lots of yarny goodness. :)

Until next year...